Today Thursday 15 of August we had a surprise for the people we had reserved food which they did not know it was there we did on purpose because they barely eat 3 square meal a day for they have just had a few rain shower untill we came then heaven open heavy down pour in the land so we wanted to leave with them the food left from which we previously gave them. Do you know what happened this will shock you the first person to receive the last share of the food was the 75 yrs old woman that prayed for the revival of the land of you watch this video you will see that it was the same woman I sent you her picture before that got the former food of the latter rain if you watch carefully in this video from the left before that young lady got her gift,  they were exceedingly happy this was possible David because of the financial support of  your friends and partners we also have picture of crowd rushing to receive Jesus which we will forward to you we return tomorrow.

They ran to receive Jesus young and old alike until the urshers had to order many to go back even some had to carry their chairs so that nobody take theirs it was pandamun of running to take hold of the Savior they said never has anything like this happened in this town. Jesus is here they testified

Jubilation after the destruction of the demon god of iron and stone the executive chief leader of the land asked if I was still alive they said yes he came immediately to the crusade that he wants to receive that Jesus who did this wonders saying that he will serve him forever when he came I led him to Christ  he was a Muslim will send you the video clip tomorrow many Muslim came to Jesus in this Crusade

FOOD DISTRIBUTION in Osopan, Nigeria with Israel Aggrey Ministry and

More action of what happened when she was finally set free it was a process of God’s working power people in Osopan has never seen a thing like this before took the news far and wide

Here is a demonstration of of the power God through the name of Jesus that has never been seen before in the land total destruction of the god of stone and iron a simbolic of Satan and evil forces of darkness held and worshipped by Osopans and the people the name of this god is Ogun it became very famous in the ancient past that in our modern times from the nineteenth century a State in Nigeria called their State Ogun after the name of the demon god of iron and stone. No one ever comes closer with fire or anything liquid who ever does dies instantly so contrary to that I came with liquid inflammable with fire as you can see in the video the moment I mentioned I was going to burn their good people started to be scared and drawed backing away some ran away but I told them to be strong that nothing will go wrong this has never happened before when it was burned after I set fire on it appears that a sorrowing noice and disgusting voices disappeared and then it was dancing and jubilation wil send clips of their dance