Book Endorsements

“By sharing his life experience within the pages of Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom, David has literally made himself an open book. In finding his freedom, he has opened doors for others to find the same peace… This is a wonderful story of God’s love, forgiveness, and redemptive power, and I gladly recommend it to all.”

“I have read many books. This one is extraordinary. It could be used in a movie to inspire those who are still bound, confirming that every chain can be broken through the blood of Jesus Christ. It demonstrates that the power of God overcomes your past and the past holds no power over your future.

David’s life is an example of the power of the cross and the miraculous power at work in his life. He is a modern day Paul, who was Saul, whose life was changed while killing Christians. David was on the way to Hell, but God had a great plan for his life, He saved him. He is a living epistle and true witness on the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I believe this book is a MUST read. It has brought tears to my eyes and will transform your life.

Having met David and his wife, Joanna, I encourage you to meet him. I recommend this book. David has passion to see the captives free, with a strong anointing to heal the broken hearted and sick.

The book you are holding is an answer to those who want to know the power of God. Read on.”

“I’ve known David for years and knew some snippets and details of his life but when I started reading the entire story I’ve got to admit I was flabbergasted. David’s journey is movie material! He gets arrested trying to steal a jet for the Columbian cartel, he receives a visitation in his Leavenworth prison cell, he faces persecution, revival break out, etc. If you want a page-turner, this is it. If you want an amazing story of God’s grace, this is it. Either way, you should read this book.”

“My friend, David Hairabedian, is a shining example of God’s transformative and saving grace. His story is, aside from many things, one of the most unique and interesting I have ever heard. I encourage you to dive into this inspirational read.”

“Nothing is more entertaining than hearing of people whose lives have been radically transformed by Jesus Christ. David’s story will have you on the edge of your seat as you hear about a man who encountered Jesus in a maximum security prison and is now being used to change the world. I have had the privilege of sitting under much of David’s teachings, and he has a powerful spirit of wisdom and revelation on his life. It is amazing to see God take society’s worst cases and turn them into society’s GREATEST hope. David’s book will set you on fire for Jesus and give you hope for the hardest heart to be saved.”

“David’s life has been spiritually marinated between the extremes of excessive worldly ambition and being broken, and then immersed in the humility and love of Christ. He’s lived a life tempered by 20 years of a jet ride through Hell and a redemptive journey into freedom! David’s life testimony told in his inspiring style will put you on the edge of your seat while illuminating God’s redemptive nature!”

“I have witnessed first-hand over several years the consistency of David’s walk with Christ, and the anointing that has graced his life. It has been a privilege to experience and participate in the powerful working of the Holy Spirit as David has looked beyond his circumstance and daily reaches out to those around him to expand the Kingdom of God. David’s life story is a narrative of God’s grace and redemption and the power of the love of Jesus Christ which provides hope for all.”

“David carries an anointing that transcends nationalities and positions in life, to reach out to all. God prepared him early in life to understand, appreciate, and communicate with people in all walks of life in America and throughout the world. He has experienced the Middle East culture since a young boy, visited Arab countries and Israel, and been exposed to the Mexican culture. He speaks Spanish, was born in America, is half Armenian, and through his freedom journey, he’s developed Christ’s heart for humanity.”

“David Hairabedian has chronicled an amazing and entertaining story of God’s dealings that apply to every reader. You will be emotionally captured by his adventure and educated in the “school of hard knocks” from which David successfully graduated. Enjoy!”

“David Hairabedian’s life answers the questions, “how then shall we live???? He has learned the secret to walking with God and communing with Him, bringing God’s Presence into all of life regardless of circumstances. It’s been a joy to witness David’s experiential discovery of our hope-filled God who transforms lives of despair into miraculous hope.”

“After 28 years in prison ministry, I know what kind of book it takes to reach men and women inside the walls. I am constantly searching for books that I can recommend. Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom will not only impact those who read it, but will have a lasting effect on them.”

“Jet Ride is a triumph. David has given us an eagle view far past his crash and into a fascinating redemptive journey. During 30 years of friendship with David, and working with Heart Prison Ministries, it’s been a joy to see his relentless pursuit of sharing salvation, restoration, and healing for all. Obstacles and hardships merely fuel his fire to focus on the Father’s business. Somewhere along the line, the Lord stops us all to do a reality check. This book captures David’s crash landing that erupted in a white-hot fire for God.”

“David Hairabedian’s book, Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom, is a powerfully riveting testimony full of marvelous modern day miracles! Like Saul’s road to Damascus conversion, David Hairabedian’s is a life changing story that will forever impact the reader! If there were one book besides the Bible that I would recommend handing to all your unsaved loved ones, this would be it!”

“I have said of David Hairabedian for the last 22 years, “David will rush in where angels fear to tread.??? It’s a quality of faith and character that endears him to the Lord and shapes a magnificent destiny. Hearing his wife Joanna sing, I saw the same strength.”

“David is one that God has called out of bondage to be a deliverer. He knows what it is like when God breaks the chains of imprisonment. Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom is an instrument in the hands of God that will make it into the hands of those called to freedom in Christ. Many prison ministries will benefit from this amazing work.”

“David’s journey mirrors the agony and the ecstasy of the life of Joseph in so many ways as he went from dungeon to destiny. Joseph’s profound statement to his brothers who betrayed him is also the story of David, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives??? (Genesis 50:20 NIV). Joseph’s willingness to forgive his brothers saved a nation; David’s willingness to forgive many brothers is now affecting many nations! This radical book gives hope to those in prison, and to those on the outside who are imprisoned within themselves. For 20 years, David was constantly tested yet he came out of prison leaning on his Beloved, and the exploits have only just begun!”

“When I arrived as chaplain at the Federal Correctional Institution in Englewood, Colorado, in 1991, I found a bitterly divided church. It wasn’t unusual for that time. Some claimed that spiritual gifts had ceased with the early church. Others boldly practiced those gifts. The leader of the “cessationists??? was an extremely charismatic and gifted young man. He went on to pastor a large church when he left prison. Unfortunately, he is back behind bars on a new case.

The articulate young man who represented the charismatics was David Hairabedian. He was bold. Full of faith. Truly caring about other people – but not afraid to confront them with the truth, even when it hurt. And he was often given supernatural insight into peoples’ lives. At times, I was a little uncomfortable with what he was doing. Yet I always felt his respect and support, which was not the case with all the inmate leaders in the church. He had a submissive heart.

We spent hours together talking and praying, and at times ministering to others. Occasionally God’s supernatural work – like demonic deliverances – ruffled feathers among prison administrators. Especially psychologists. The Catholic chaplain didn’t hide his disdain for David. But try as they might, they were hard pressed to find fault with his personal life. He demonstrated Jesus as consistently as I’ve seen in prison. When he got out, he moved smoothly into ministry. I had the great privilege of preaching in one of his meetings. David has walked the talk, living out what he preaches. I pray this book would encourage many – especially those incarcerated – and release many into supernatural ministry.”

“This compelling book will hold you spellbound. You will follow David’s heart journey from prison hell to freedom. To some degree you can apply this to your own journey in life. When you are free in Christ you are truly free indeed.”

“Simply stated, the Holy Spirit operating through David helped transform my life and continues to transform lives throughout the world. God planted David in my path throughout my incarceration in the US Federal BOP (Bureau of Prisons). From Waseca, MN to Florence, CO to Leavenworth, KS… I just couldn’t shake this guy and I praise God for it every single day.

I have personally witnessed David lead dozens of disciples into God’s Kingdom, leaving transformed individuals, prison revivals, and the Glory of God in his wake. I am honored and blessed beyond measure to have David as an amazing friend and Spiritual mentor.

David is a heavily anointed man of God and teaches with authority and conviction. God touches and heals hearts wherever he goes and, undoubtedly, God will use “Jet Ride to Hell …Journey to Freedom??? as a powerful medium to break the chains of physical, emotional, psychological, and, most importantly, spiritual bondage in the lives of all those who are blessed to come in contact with it.”

“When I first met David in 2011, we discovered that we both had a relationship with the same Prophet in Nigeria. We began funding together large crusade meetings held in that nation. Jet Ride to Hell Journey to Freedom is an adventure that will inspire many in all walks of life. For the believer, this will strengthen your faith. For the unbeliever, this will lead you to faith. To many young people, this book will be wisdom to keep them from incarceration. For the incarcerated, this is a message of hope.”